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Yankee Cannonball — Opinions

One item of note I have always found interesting regarding Yankee Cannonball is that it very much represents an early inspiration for Schmeck’s larger designs in the ‘40s from the Hersheypark Comet to Playland’s (San Antonio) Rocket (Phoenix) to the Meyers Lake Comet to the Crystal Beach/Great Escape Comet). Its design combines elements the from the John Miller school of ground level parabolic drops to the low speed hills found on later PTC designs.  As not many notable coasters remain from the 1930s, the ride design very much bridges the gap from the “take all the risk” school of the 1920s and the more refined and conservative approach taken with the more family oriented coaster designs of the 1940s.   Also interesting to note is how the layout seems to have also inspired John Allen on some his larger theme park wood coaster projects of the 1970s- most notably Six Flags Over Georgia’s Great American Scream Machine

Yankee Cannonball is one of the great classic out and back coasters in America that thrills the entire demographic spectrum- from coaster enthusiasts to the novice park guest taking their first wooden coaster ride.  It is a tradition and rite of passage to experience this ride if you reside in New England. The fact that it resides in one of the most spectacular traditional parks (and one of very few remaining original trolley parks) in the world only adds to the ride’s charm.

• Mark Rosenzweig, Baltimore, Maryland

Yankee Cannonball is such a perfect fit for such a great and well-maintained park. The only criticism I have might be the ride's placement. While its layout does welcome arriving guests to the parking lot, the ride's scenic view happens to be cars, back areas and storage/maintenance buildings. A shame a tunnel or two couldn't disguise some of the unsightly views — which would improve the ride in two ways. Otherwise, a dandy family ride that is a real crowd pleaser.

• Tim Baldwin, Grand Prairie, Texas

As a devoted Red Sox fan, Canobie Lake Park's Yankee Cannonball is, without a doubt, the only Yankee that I love.

• Mike Thompson, Augusta, Maine

In spite of its modest height, Yankee Cannonball gives a fun and peppy ride.  It boasts a funky layout with some strange curves and kinks and a pine tree in the middle of the turnaround. A Schmeck classic that still thrills.

• Jeff Graham, Quincy, Massachusetts

I have not ridden the coaster in over ten years but I do remember liking the layout. It reminded quite a bit of Thriller at Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, another Schmeck coaster from about the same era.

• Jeffrey Seifert, Grand Prairie, Texas


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