Wooden Warrior

Wooden Warrior, Quassy Amusement Park — Opinions

Wooden Warrior is a delightful junior/adult coaster. This is not your typical junior coaster. It is fast, smooth and great fun, although on the short side. A winner for Quassy!

• Cheri Armstrong, Hatfield, Massachusetts

After my fourth ride on Wooden Warrior, I immediately went and bought a season pass. Having grown up on the glories of Kennywood's Jack Rabbit's double dip, I am always looking for airtime. Wooden Warrior so delivers — can you believe nine pops of laughter-eliciting air time within a minute! This ride is brilliant — the layout, the newly designed trains (no cumbersome seat belts), the airtime pop as you plunge into the downhill tunnel, the airtime pop as you exit the tunnel, the consistent speed, the fact that you laugh at the labeling that this was a family-sized coaster, tight turns, the re-rideability. It is just an exciting, joyful, fun machine. Bravo to Gravity Group and Quassy! 

• Joe Bailey, Southbury, Connecticut

When I first heard the 35-foot drop and family coaster description, I lowered my expectations, but I will gladly admit that I was wrong to do so. Wooden Warrior is packed with airtime and an exciting ride from start to finish. The Timberliner trains are a hit and Lake Quassy is back on the coaster map. I highly recommend anybody who gets to the area to not rush to the larger parks and overlook our new hidden gem.
• Steve Fox, Windsor, Connecticut

Wooden Warrior is the most action-packed wood coaster of its size in the world. The world's first Timberliner train, which navigates Wooden Warrior's tight turns and airtime-filled hills, is quite comfortable, too.

• Mike Thompson, Augusta, Maine

Wooden Warrior is a fantastic and fun famiily coaster that's an exciting ride for even the hard core enthusiast. The Timberliner train is comfortable and gives an excellent ride in any seat.

• Judy Marcin, Amesbury, Massachusetts

What to say about the Wooden Warrior at Quassy Park? To be perfectly honest, when rumors started floating years ago that they were considering a new wooden coaster, my first thought was “no way."  It’s a cute little park, with two Herschell coasters, the aptly titled Little Dipper and Mad Mouse.  What do they know about WOOD?   When it became known that it was true, and that the Gravity Group had been hired, once again I thought “no way."  What did the makers of The Voyage and Hades know about kiddie coasters? Thankfully, all my fears were proven groundless when Wooden Warrior opened last spring. Despite its compact size, the Warrior delivers quite a ride.  The Timberliner train is a treasure.  It loads quickly, fits every body size, and is totally comfortable. It hugs the swirling track, emphasizing the turns and making the multiple pops of airtime truly thrilling. With the swooping station fly-by, and the turn-around

tunnel, it’s got the perfect mix of elements.  I could not have imagined a better coaster for both families and enthusiasts.

• Janice Good, Framingham, Massachusetts

Simply magnificent. I want one in my yard.

• Martin Valt, Sandbach, England



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