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Wild Eagle, Dollywood — Opinions

Wild Eagle has incredible negative G-forces that are comparable to that of other major steel ones. The new "flying" sensation on the outside of the track (unlike the spinning cars of X2) creates a whole new experience of enjoyment for our passion. Its hyper height, smooth inversions, amazing theming, and creative elements all contribute to that fantastic experience! This roller coaster truly deserved the Best New Steel of 2012 in the Golden Ticket Awards!

Dave Collins, Russellville, Arkansas

Wild Eagle is a beautiful addition to Dollywood, even the Bald Eagle statue is as breath taking as the ride!  The mixture of the location, theme, and experience really does really does make you feel like you’re flying along the wings of an eagle.  My only criticism would be with the restraints.  As they are not the worst I’ve ever experienced, they are highly uncomfortable around the neck and shoulder area. As always, Dollywood definitely exceeded my expectations again with this ride!

Michael Christopher, St Petersburg, Florida

Wild Eagle is perhaps one of the most scenic, fun coasters that I have ridden in a long time. I truly felt like I was “soaring” like an eagle through the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains! Make sure to ride this one at night, if you can. Truly memorable!

Dave Hahner, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A Very nice ride. As for reriding... during CoasterCon, it became very painful on the clavicle bones. My wife had the same problem. We soldiered on through the pain and rode multiple times — maybe 10 — but ultimately had to quit early due to this collar pain. We had the opportunity to ride Swarm in England over the summer. After 2 rides we both began to experience clavicle pain once again. Overall, a very thrilling ride in a new genre of coaster, with a slightly bitter aftertaste of collar pain

Andy Rittenhouse, Sacremento, California

There are coasters and then there are "coaster attractions".  Wild Eagle definitely fits into the latter category as it is the whole package.  From the the beautiful setting in the Smoky Mountains, the incredibly detailed station complete with unique Dolly theme song, to it's swooping and soaring ride, it is one of a kind.

Jerry Willard, Long Beach, California

I was pleased to ride Wild Eagle, during Coaster Con. I really liked the metal eagle sculpture. As I get older, I have a greater appreciation of smooth rides, and less desire to ride the rough ones. Wild Eagle was big, smooth and fun. Sweet theming of the trains, as well.

Evan Hoagland, Madison, Wisconsin

We rode the Wild Eagle a month ago and gave it a B+ rating. We rode it 3 times — you have to experience the ride from both sides. The ride itself is very smooth — I liked that very much. We enjoyed hanging in the air — it did give a sensation of flying because there was no track below, and nothing above. Not a lot of air time because you are strapped in so tightly. The harnesses were comfortable. If it was faster or taller we probably would have given it a higher rating. The eagle decoration of the coaster is beautiful. Overall, a very enjoyable coaster and a quality ride.

Jen & Jim Black, Lake Wylie, South Carolina


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