Twister, Gröna Lund — Opinions

Sweden just got another great woodie. The best way to describe Twister is to cross Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain's tight curves and Cyclops' crazy airtime. The Timberliners really track the tight curves well and are very comfy too.

Jonathan Hymes, Maple Heights, Ohio

When I first saw Twister, my first thought was how did they get so much track into such a small space?  And then once I saw it run I wondered how did they get the trains to negotiate such tight turns? The turns are so frequent and so tight that it seems like the trains should get stuck. This is the most twisted twister style coaster I've ever seen and it's like a marvel of engineering. And even more important than that, it's a fun ride! There are lots of direction changes, laterals, dips and more cross-overs than I could count. In fact, the only place the train seems to go in a straight line is on the lift hill. Photographing this coaster was a challenge as well since it's hard to figure out which direction the train will be going in any particular location. Definitely a very unique coaster.

• Curt Schimmel, San Ramon, California

Visually stunning with all its twists, turns and it's placement in the park, Twister is one master of engineering and design.  I found the coaster to be fun, but not as much fun as I had hoped. The comfortable Timberliner trains helped to overcome the irregular pacing throughout the ride.  While I expect a twister style coaster to toss me about to some degree, and the speed to vary through the course, there were some spots where I wasn't sure the train was going to make it over the next rise. Still, I cheered with the rest of the riders every time we returned to the station!

Rus Ozana, Dracut, Massachusetts

Twister was a very pleasant surprise for me. I had expected that the compact layout of Twister would make for some rib crushing slams against the side of the seat, but that just wasn't the case. There was a surprising amount of quality airtime and many great twists and turns.  While it may not be the tallest or fastest new woodie out there, it has a terrific "classic-wood" vibe about it. The Timberliner trains were quite comfortable and easy loading. It would be great to see more of these trains on other coasters.  In fact, I wouldn't mind if the entire coaster were recreated here in the U.S.

Lace Patton, Chesterfield, Michigan

How did they pack so much coaster into such a confined space?  The turnaround at the top of the lift hill is incredibly tight (about nine feet radius) that it seems that the train can't negotiate the turn. The compact layout, many crossovers and proximity to other rides like the Schwartzkopf Jetline coaster and Bla Taget dark ride, accentuate the speed. Twister is an extremely appropriate name for this coaster and one wonders what additional tricks Gravity Group would have included if they had more available real estate.

Dave Altman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I really enjoyed riding Twister at Gröna Lund. It is a beautiful looking roller coaster and it really delivers a great ride. It is hard to believe that it is only 50 feet tall and packed into such a tight space. It really packs a whallop and is VERY rerideable. Twister is a winner.
Adrian Lloyd, Long Beach, California

Twister is proof that good things can come in small packages. The coaster packs quite a punch for it's small footprint.

• Ray Topscher, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Twister packs as much action in as I think is possible from its modest lift hill size. It is intense, yet easily re-rideable.  Perhaps it will have the same influence over the next generation of roller coasters that Raven had in its time

Dave Sandborg, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

So Twisty!  It's got an incredibly compact layout and always leaves you guessing where it will go to next.

Mike Matscherz, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Twister fits Gröna Lund like a glove. Not only does the curvy coaster fit into the park like a glove with its compact size and interaction with other rides, but it fits the personality of the park like a glove as well. Like other coasters in the park, its rolling stock is practical and comfortable. Aesthetically, Twister's Graceful lines and retro sign and station fit into the park as if they've been there for decades. Most significantly, like the other coasters at Grona Lund, Twister isn't the tallest, longest or fastest around, but it delivers a remarkable high-quality ride experience that leaves guests pleased and wanting to ride over and over again.!

Bill Linkenheimer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Twisting wooden coasters are my personal favorite and this coaster is in my Top 10.  To see how they put so much into such a small space is amazing.  The ride is comfortable on those Timberliner trains in any seat.  One of the best rides on the Scandinavian trip.

• Judy Marcin, Amesbury, Massachusetts

Twister was a great ride!  Something that I could ride over and over again. Loved all the twisting turns. It amazed me that a re-rideable coaster could be built in such a small place.  Too bad this coaster is located in Sweden.

• Maggie Altman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Twister at Gröna Lund is an impressive coaster.  The park was able to take an extremely small space and pack in a large coaster.  I can say that I have never ridden a coaster with as many twists and crossovers as Twister. The Timberliner trains add to the ride experience by providing a smooth and consistent ride from start to finish. I enjoyed the pops of airtime and the speed that the coaster provided throughout the entire ride.

Terry Kite, St. Louis, Missouri

Twister is nothing short of an engineering triumph. When met with the challenge of making an exceptional wooden roller coaster that traversed through 3 pre-existing roller coasters at the edge of a boardwalk, The Gravity Group exceeded with flying colors. Twister delivers a surprisingly long ride full of abrupt airtime and sharp transitions, making a satisfyingly wild and wonderful experience. Twister's Timberliners look great, feel great, and made dispatching trains a breeze. Over all, Twister is a flawless addition to Gröna Lund's star-studded coaster lineup.

Alex Dickey, Spring Hill, Tennessee

Gröna Lund's Twister packs one helluva punch into an amazingly compact area....quite an accomplishment for the designers and builders. The twisted and tightly-packed layout combined with the innovative and brilliantly designed Timberliner trains makes for a thrilling ride!  But LOCATION is the real key word for me with this coaster...Twister is located on a fantastic tract of land in a fantastic park in a fantastic country!    .

Chris Trotter, Columbus, Ohio




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