The Story Behind Steel Vengeance

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Chess, Blackjack and Digger

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Even the control panel reflects the ride’s theming.

The story behind Steel Vengeance


Rejuvenating FrontierTown also meant fleshing out the characters that inhabit the village in greater detail, and Steel Vengeance would provide the perfect stage on which to bring the residents to life. The original queue for Mean Streak had been whittled over the years to provide infield maintenance storage room, as well as space for one of the park’s haunted houses, but with Steel Vengeance taking over the scene the line has become a venue to introduce the tales behind many of FrontierTown’s more infamous residents. Creation of this backstory to FrontierTown and its denizens signaled a new direction, as the park sought a more immersive, engaging experience for guests. The previously untold stories of townsfolk like Lillian “Lusty Lil” Rosewater, of Lusty Lil’s Palace fame, and E.J. “Bellows” Hammer, the village’s iron worker, are explained via storyboards as guests pass through the queue. Period artifacts appropriate to each resident dot the line’s landscape. For long-time Cedar Point fans, getting to learn about the colorful folks from FrontierTown was a surprising and fun addition for the 2018 season.


But most importantly, the new queue theming also showcases the legend behind Steel Vengeance. Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain, Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey, and Chess “Wild One” Watkins are the outlaws that rule the ride, physical embodiments of the “Tallest, Fastest, Wildest” tagline of the hyper hybrid. Each has a specific reason for seeking retribution on none other than Beauregard “Maverick” Chamberlain, Blackjack’s older brother and the neighboring 2007 Intamin namesake. The elder Chamberlain, a man of questionable doings and accomplices, is described as a force for the negative in FrontierTown; soon each outlaw became a victim of Maverick’s shifty ways. Blackjack was promised a partnership at his brother’s Cedar Creek Mining Company but instead found he was nothing but cheap labor in the sibling’s eyes. Dempsey, a skilled inventor, was tapped by Maverick to create a mining machine, yet when the contraption caused an explosion that cost Dempsey his arm, he was cruelly dismissed from mining the secret stash of ores to which he had led the older Chamberlain brother. Watkins found herself at the center of Maverick’s attention, but when he proposed marriage the spirited equestrian turned down his public declaration in a feisty way, embarrassing Maverick and turning both herself and her father, a caretaker on Chamberlain’s ranch, into targets of his fury.


Aware of his brother’s misdeeds, both in business and personal life, and angered at the shift of FrontierTown from an idyllic, sleepy village into a den of villains through Maverick’s dastardly doings, Blackjack threatened to reveal his sibling’s indiscretions. A deal was struck: Blackjack would leave town, taking his brother’s secrets with him, in exchange for a handsome amount of cash. What Maverick didn’t count on was Dempsey and Watkins hightailing it with him, all united in their determination to exact revenge on Maverick when he least expected it. Steel Vengeance joins this story as the moment the three outlaws have returned to settle the score.



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