1. You do not need to be a member of ACE to order back issues. If you are a member of ACE, providing your ACE member number will expedite processing and qualify you for the Bulk Buyer Bonus (please see instruction #7).
  2. An email address is not required. However, supplying one will allow you to receive acknowledgment of your order and allow determination of what to do if there is a problem. Otherwise orders for issues that are no longer in stock will be returned.
  3. Indicate the issue numbers you wish to order and the quantity of each issue desired. If you are unsure of the price or availability of issues, you may contact for current information.
  4. Note the appropriate price for the magazine issue(s) you are ordering (they vary in price) on the order form. Prices include the cost of postage to ship your order within the United States. Orders outside the U.S. will be shipped via International Air Mail (please see instructions #5).
  5. Shipping is free to addresses in the U.S. For shipping to Canada, please add $2 per issue. All other countries add $4 for each magazine ordered. Only for orders to be delivered outside the U.S. please indicate the total number of issues ordered in the QTY column and multiply that number by either $2 (Canada) or $4 (all other countries) and enter the result in the TOTAL column.
  6. Big Buyer Discount: If you order 10 or more issues, take $1 off the price of each issue of RollerCoaster!. This discount only applies to back issues of RollerCoaster! no other ACE publications are included. On the line labeled “Big Buyer Discount” enter the total number of issues ordered in the QTY column and and multiply that by $1. Enter the result as a negative number in the TOTAL column. “Big Buyer Discounts” apply whether or not your order qualifies for the Bulk Buyer Bonus (please see instruction #7).
    • ONLINE ORDERS: If you are using the online store and shopping cart system, the big buyer discount will be automatically deducted from your order.
  7. Bulk Buyer Bonus (for ACE members only): If your order’s subtotal is $75 to $99 you may take an extra $15.00 discount. If your order’s subtotal is $100 or above you may take an extra $20.00 off. Simply enter the number ($15 or $20) as a negative number in the TOTAL column. You must supply your ACE membership number to be eligible for this discount.
    • ONLINE ORDERS be certain to enter your ACE membership number and than use the following discount codes
      • $15 discount on orders of $75 or more ACE buyer1
      • $20 discount on orders of $100 or more ACE buyer2
  8. Make check and money order payable (in U.S. funds) to “American Coaster Enthusiasts.” Credit cards can be processed online or you can use our convenient charge form if you intend to mail in you order. Do not email credit card information, as email is not secure.
  9. Mail the order form, with payment (check, money order, or credit card payment form) to:
    American Coaster Enthusiasts
    PO Box 540261
    Grand Prairie  TX  75054-0261
  10. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. If you provided an email address you will receive a confirmation of your order to review for accuracy. If you have questions about your order you may contact