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Kings Dominion Intimidator 305 - Opinions

I rode it on media day.  Fast, nice steep drop with great transitions.  I also like the colors of the ride and the modern structure design. The original over the shoulder restraints with the sudden transitions caused ear/head bang.  I lost an earring from the ear banging.  I experienced gray-out after the first drop. Have not yet had a chance to ride I-305 since the modifications. I hear the new restraints are much better.

• John Hunt
   Coram, New York

Ten years after Cedar Point’s Millennium Force, I found the idea of a new and improved version most intriguing.  Unfortunately, after two trips to Kings Dominion in 2010 to ride Intimidator 305 (before and after modifications), I found it to be wildly more intense than its predecessor, but not in any flattering way.  Graying out is an interesting sensation, but once a day is plenty. While I share an appreciation for all coasters, I’m the type of enthusiast who prefers fun and “rideabilty” over fierce positive Gs and having to position my head “just so” to avoid confrontation with the restraint.

• Bill Linkenheimer III
   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I have always lived about 25 minutes south of Kings Dominion.  Intimidator 305 is simply the coaster I have been waiting for my entire life. After the announcement was made I could not wait to take that first ride. Finally on media day on April 1st, 2010 that ride took place.  The coaster at that time was one of the most intense steel coasters I have ever been on. I-305 had a great first drop

The first turn was incredibly fast with lots of G-forces that would make even the most veteran coaster riders gray out. The airtime was great on the 2nd hill and the transitions were relentless.

Mid-May 2010 is when the park installed trim brakes down the first drop.  This slowed I-305 quite a bit.  The first dropped suffered the most from the trim brakes.  The first drop seemed very unnatural feeling.  The 270 degree turn was not as fast as it once was and the 2nd hill's airtime was just about completely removed. The coaster left my # 1 steel coaster spot when the trim brakes arrived.

The new softer harnesses installed in June 2010 made a much more comfortable ride, they eliminated the head chopping.

• Danny Biggerstaff
   Richmond, Virginia

I had heard so much debate over this coaster before taking my first ride that I was fearing the worst. Surprisingly, I loved the new soft restraints, found the snappy transitions fun (if not a bit overused) and didn't black out a bit. It's a shame they just can't throw a train from Millennium Force on just to compare. A big overbanked turn following the first drop would have solved most of their problems. Still, as it is, I found the ride to be quite fun and enjoyed it quite a bit. I think I-305 is a far superior ride to Millennium Force, even with the restraints.

• Tim Baldwin
   Grand Prairie, Texas



While I would like to say Intimidator 305 has a lot of potential, my first impression was "What are they thinking?!" Three-hundred and five feet tall slamming into to a near ground level right turn... does anyone remember Hercules? Oh, but this one went one better... hard over-the-shoulder-restraints. On top of that, the Intaride/Intamin hard restraints sit right where my jaw connects to my skull. As a result, the inevitable hand banging into the restraints causes me extreme pain where I (literally) see stars, which is why I will not ride Maverick and had no desire to even try this coaster.

At least Kings Dominion had the sense to quickly replace the hard OSTRs with a soft, flexible type sometime before the ACE Summer conference. Still, I found the ride disappointing and unpleasant for the three following reasons:
  1. The trim brakes most of the way down the first drop was an absolute excitement killer.
  2. I suffered a complete gray-out on the insipid first turn, where I was conscious but my field of vision went totally and completely gray for four full seconds throughout that ground-level curve. 
  3. The sudden, snap-transitions into the turns would thrust the restraints into my neck with such force, it would feel like a boxer's glove was hitting me repeatedly in the side of my neck.  An extremely unpleasant experience, which would happen multiple times on all three of my rides.

As all this happened on each of my three rides during the first ERT (front, back and middle of the train), the last two reasons were enough that I opted out of riding the coaster again during the rest of my stay at Kings Dominion.

• David Lipnicky
   Grand Prairie, Texas

I loved Intimidator 305 when it opened. I rode it on media day. On the second drop and the first turn after the mid course trims I would grey out — it was that intense.  Then came the infamous trims. I understand why they put them in there, but it was not the same, and I was sorely disappointed when I rode it in the summer. The new restraints were nice, but they did not come close to making up for the trims. Here’s hoping that the lobotomy they are doing now will bring I-305 back to its finest.

• Rob Derman
   Fort Lee, New Jersey

Opening day, I loved the ride, but my body did not agree with the restraints.  With the quick restraint revamp, I LOVE I-305 at night, flying and swirling through the S-turns and total darkness.  I feel lucky to have it in my home park!

• Elizabeth Ringas
   Glen Allen, Virginia


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