Photo Album: Blue Streak


Conneaut Lake Park <i>Blue Streak</i>
Conneaut Lake Park Blue Streak

In the 1970s and 1980s <i>Blue Streak</i> had two operational NAD trains. <BR>Photo: Eric Sakowski

The Conneaut Lake "sun" logo was a familiar sight on the front of the trains for many years.<BR>Photo: Rich Koppelman

When <i>Blue Streak</i> reopened in 1997 the park had restored the original NAD headlights and all three operated.
Photo: Elaine Linkenheimer

In 2002 ACE donated paint and several members from ACE Western Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions helped paint the coaster.<BR

One of the original PTC trains was restored in 2002 and was placed into service on August 21.<BR>Photo: Gary Slade

The train was given a different color scheme in 2004.<BR>Photo: Curt Schimmel


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