Originally titled Coaster World, the magazine made its debut in the winter of 1979. Volume 1, Issue 1 was little more than a newsletter, all of 12 pages in length with a handful of black and white photos. As the magazine continued, the quality improved in 1982 with Volume 3 featuring a glossy cover and an increase in size to 38 pages. Volume 4 featured a full-color cover and glossy interior pages with a professional-looking layout. in 1984, beginning with Volume 5, the name of the magazine was changed to ROLLERCOASTER!, the title under which it is currently published. Now more than 30 years and over 125 issues later, ROLLERCOASTER! is still going strong. Published four times per year, ROLLERCOASTER! is now in full color and averages 48 pages in length. In-depth articles of parks and coasters of the past and present are highlighted with beautiful photos submitted by ACE members and industry professionals.


ACE began augmenting ROLLERCOASTER!, the club’s printed magazine, with articles and photos on this website in 2011 beginning with Issue 116. Select from the list on the left for extra features such as opinions, photo albums and videos.


These page links below serve as a historical reference to every issue published by ACE beginning with the first in 1979. Most of these back issues are still available for purchase and the price of the issue is listed next the volume and issue information. To purchase back issues visit the order page for more information.


The magazines are grouped by years, with 10 to 12 issues per page. The magazine was originally published three times a year. From 1984 to 1991, one of the numbered volumes of that year was the printed ACE membership directory. Those volume numbers are skipped in this listing. From 1992 forward, four issues of ROLLERCOASTER! were produced each year.


1978 to 1981: Allen Ambrosini
1982 to 1984: Richard Munch and Chuck Davis
1985 to 1986: Allen Ambrosini
1987 to 1990: Paul Ruben
1991 to 1992: Allen Ambrosini
1993 to 1994: Nancy McGrath
1995 to 1996: Lisa Scheinin
1997 to 2010: Tom Rhodes
2011... : Tim Baldwin


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